Nevada Committee On Testing for Intoxication

Nevada Committee on Testing for Intoxication Contact

Victoria Hauan
Committee Chair
(775) 687-1501


The purpose of the committee is to certify and approve breath testing devices as being accurate and reliable to test for intoxication, to keep a list of such approved devices, and to certify individuals in the proper use of such devices. The Committee meets on an as-needed basis to add new devices to the approved list and to conduct related business.

    Members & Meeting Information

    The five members of the Committee are appointed by the Director of the Department of Public Safety, per Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 484C.600.

    Approved Devices

    Per Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 484C, administration of lists of approved preliminary breath-testing (PBT) devices, evidential breath-testing devices and devices which prevent an intoxicated person from starting a vehicle (ignition interlocks) is a function of the Committee for Testing for Intoxication.  Click the links below for the current lists, or contact Committee Chair Victoria Hauan.

    Approved Forms