Traffic Records

About Nevada's Traffic Records Program

Complete, accurate and timely traffic safety data is essential for identifying traffic safety problems and designing effective countermeasures to reduce injuries and deaths from crashes.  To meet this need, Nevada has established a  complete and comprehensive traffic records program.  The program includes and provides  highway safety information for Nevada and is operated under the direction of the Traffic Records Executive Committee (TREC) and the Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC).

    Nevada Traffic Records Executive Committee (TREC)

    The Nevada Executive Committee on Traffic Safety (NECTS) serves as the TREC for Nevada.  The NECTS involves traffic safety officials in a program to develop an effective and efficient system for prioritizing and utilizing limited federal, state, local and tribal resources for the purporse of reducing fatalities and serious injuries on Nevada's roadways.


      Nevada Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC)

      State and local governments in Nevada recognize the need to work together to integrate a state-wide Highway Safety Information System to enhance decision making and save lives and prevent injuries on Nevada roadways. Law enforcement and other agencies collaborate by contributing state-wide traffic data to the Nevada Citation and Accident Tracking System (NCATS). NCATS is hosted by the Nevada Department of Public Safety. NCATS supplies traffic crash data to government and non-governmental agencies and the public through Nevada Department of Transportation Safety Engineering. NCATS data is used in many ways, from planning or mitigating roadway construction and improvement projects to safety program data for better, safer roadways and vehicles. NCATS data is also used to improve outcomes in emergency and trauma medical care. The TRCC and NCATS are funded through grants from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

      National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

      Traffic Records Contact

      Kevin Tice
      Traffic Records Program Manager